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Power and Battery Issues



  • Teresa C

    My pump isn’t coming on even after. Trying the steps 


  • Daisy Martinez

    My pump turns on, but it makes no noise nor does it suck.

  • Valerie Kitzmiller

    My pump was working fine but just stopped charging. I've tried all of the suggestions and it still won't charge. I've only been using it for 3 months

  • Edlyn Coleman

    Seems to be a common theme

  • Ciera Banks

    My pump just stopped working on massage after 2 months. Now 3 months the unit will not even power on.

  • Amanda Bertino

    My pump’s timer stopped working, so I have to look at the clock to see how long I’ve been pumping. Also, when I pressed the power button the pump used to just start suctioning, but now I have to go through the modes and select expression before it starts.

  • Jordan cahoon

    Only been using mine 3 weeks. Yesterday it started to have no suction when turned on. I had to turn off and turn on again for it to work normally. Then tonight it won’t power on at all. Changed outlets, held power button 3 seconds, nothing

  • jeshenk

    Mine did the same- would turn on /off and it would only briefly work. Barely any suction. Muted sound. Exclusive pumper and not a nerve racking situation!


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